Our Khets comein sets of 5, 10, 20, 30 and are avaliable
in 3 materials: HDPE, Cane & Pine wood


30 Khets
Annual Harvest: 300 kgs


20 Khets
Annual Harvest: 200 kgs


10 Khets
Annual Harvest: 100 kgs


5 Khets
Annual Harvest: 50 kgs

For further details on materials & pricing, please refer to our product brochure.

Product Brochure


We supply a variety of seeds of nutritious vegetables for every season, so you can grow your favourite vegetables in your own house! Let us know what you like and we’ll strive to make it possible for you to grow them.

Plant Doctor

Should anything go wrong, just message us and our in-house plant doctor will ensure your plant problems go away. Our plant doctor will be available on WhatsApp or email to remotely assist you in every way possible and to enable you to have a bumper harvest!


Our plant doctor will visit every month to undertake a thorough check-up of your urban farm to make sure you have a hassle free farming experience. The plant doctor will check for problems in your khets, rejuvenate the growing medium and ensure everything is in order.

What you Need

Roof - Balcony - Patio

Choose a spot on your rooftop, balcony or patio that recieves ample sunlight, has a water connection and an electrictiy plug point and we wil transform it into a beautiful farm.  Lush, green and serene! As a thumb rule, 50 sqft of space {as much as one Maruti 800} is enough to feed one person, so choose a place where you can grow vegetables for your entire family.


Water Tap

Electricity Point


A little

Love for your plants

Once your khets are up and growing, all you’ll need is a few minutes everyday to glance over your plants, a few taps on your phone & some space in your heart for your plants. Team Khetify will take care of the rest!

What you can Grow